At Splash, we hold our photographers and editors to high standards. This code of conduct applies to all of our photographers, employees and contractors

  • Splash requires its contributors to abide by the law at all times. Contributors will not knowingly violate any applicable law, rule or regulation, in particular, those pertaining to trespass and harassment.
  • If a contributor has violated the letter of the law - or even the spirit of the law - while they are acquiring an image, Splash will take disciplinary action. This can include termination. We expect our contributors to use good judgment and respect the laws and rules that apply.
  • Splash respects the privacy rights of all individuals, and in particular, children. We will not knowingly engage in any violation of these rights.
  • If parents are unhappy or concerned about images of their children, Splash will be happy to enter into a discussion with them. We want parents to know they have an easy avenue to voice their concerns.
  • We want our reporting to reflect the facts or circumstances as they would naturally exist. As a result, Splash will not accept content that has been manipulated or where the contributor has altered or influenced the events depicted.

We are committed to continually working to do better and to be leaders in our industry. We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of our subjects, our contributors and our customers.